Who still uses a phone book

It is best to check your local guidelines for recycling to ensure you have prepped your phone book properly before tossing it in a bin. Find Recycling Guides for Other Materials. Your entire phone book can be recycled, including the binding.

Do you still use a phone book?

However, sometimes phone books are delivered with extra items such as a plastic bag or magnets and those should be separated prior to recycling. There was a time when the Yellow Pages phone book was Australia's go-to place to find businesses, addresses and phone numbers. Yet already this year hundreds of thousands of books have been rolled out across the country, and the company behind the directory and its cousin the White Pages says it isn't going anywhere soon.

So how has the humble phone book survived the internet boom?

Yellow Pages to stop printing from January 12222

And why are you still sent a directory that may well go straight in the bin? The Yellow Pages was once so ubiquitous Telstra boss Sol Trujillo, whose company owned publisher Sensis at the time, uttered the infamous phrase "Google schmoogle" when asked about the threat the search engine posed to the business. Twelve years later, Sensis acknowledges the phone book is no longer top dog when it comes to search directories. Sensis continues to employ an opt-out model for its phone books, and less than five per cent of Australian households have chosen to stop their annual delivery.

Yet data suggests just 36 per cent of Australians have used a phone book in the past 12 months, many of those being concentrated in regional Australia where internet connections are more temperamental. Academic Gary Buttriss, who studies how businesses adapt to more sustainable processes, says the company relies on selling advertising space, and the greater their reach, the more valuable the ad space.

Don't Judge a Phonebook by Its' Cover

The model is starting to change though, and in recent years the company has begun ceasing delivery to high-density areas where usage is expected to be lowest. Dr Buttriss says while Sensis is a carbon-neutral publisher that works with several sustainability groups, their distribution model is inherently wasteful. The company says it expects the Yellow and White Pages have "eight years or so" of life left in them. If you don't want to wait that long, you can contact Sensis to opt out of receiving the phone book.

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