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It is not required that you have an attorney to request a protection order. Court personnel cannot provide legal advice but will answer questions about procedure. Rules 26 through 37 of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, called "Discovery", provide methods for obtaining information from an opposing party that you might need to prove your claim to the Court, or know about your opponent's claim.

Rule 45 of the Ohio Rules of Procedure Subpoenas provides a method of requiring witnesses to come to your hearing to testify on your behalf. The Court cannot assist you in completing these processes. You must gather your own evidence. What documents can be used to verify income for child support purposes?

General Questions

How can I get my child support amount changed? Can I pay child support and spousal support to my former spouse directly? How do I pay child support before the income withholding order on my employer takes effect? How do I stop my child support order for my eighteen-year-old? How do I get someone released from jail who was arrested for not paying child support? What is a IV-D application? These services include parent location, establishment of parentage, federal tax refund intercept, withholding of unemployment compensation, establishment and modification of court orders, among others.

Usually some evidence in written form is needed for the Court to issue a child support order. This evidence could be a pay stub, tax return, financial statement, or W-2 wage and tax statement. Neither the Court nor the parties can waive this requirement. The Court may allow spousal support to be paid directly if there are no minor children and the parties agree. The Court is part of the judiciary.

The CJFS-OCSS is an administrative agency under the executive branch of government established for the purpose of collecting financial support for children. The Court does not keep track of or send support checks. Payment histories in your case may be accessed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, at the OCS Web Portal. To access the Web Portal you must register or log on at www. Automated child support payment information is available by calling the SETS toll-free number This information includes the amount of the last payment, the date the last payment was processed, and the total balance due on the case.

Box , Columbus, Ohio You may also make cash payments at the office of the Cuyahoga County Treasurer, East 9th Street, 1st floor - cashiers, Cleveland, Ohio The SETS number is a ten digit number that begins with the number 7.

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Your Domestic Relations Case number can be found on your judgment entry. Failure to obey the order can be considered contempt of court. You may file a motion asking that your former spouse be found in contempt. The motion must contain a list of all the health care bills you accuse your former spouse of not paying. Before filing such a motion you must present your former spouse copies of the bills. Many people do not keep accurate records of all the bills incurred, for each child, for each year, and how much of the bill was covered by insurance.

This information is necessary if you intend to bring the matter to the attention of the Court by filing a motion. If the bills cover several years this may involve pulling together a great deal of paperwork. You must be able to explain how much you are owed and be able to justify that number.

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Most court orders require that child support be paid until the child reaches age eighteen and graduates from or no longer attends high school on a full time basis, whichever occurs last. The CJFS-OCSS will investigate to determine if all obligations have been met and make a recommendation that the order terminate or that support continue if there are arrearages owed. Contact the Enforcement Department of the Court.

What Is a Final Judgment of Divorce?

What is a mutual restraining order? What documents must I bring to my uncontested divorce hearing? What documents must I bring to my dissolution hearing?

A mutual restraining order is a court order issue automatically be the court when a divorce is filed. These orders prevent both spouses from doing certain acts until a divorce is granted. For more information, see Local Rule Report to the courtroom indicated on your notice one-half hour before the scheduled time.

What is a Final Divorce Decree?

What documents do I need to bring to my uncontested divorce hearing? The Judge or Magistrate may ask you questions about aspects of your judgment entry or agreement for which you may need documentation. Two weeks before the hearing you must have your documents approved by the Court's Information Services located in room Failure to have your documents approved could cause your hearing to be delayed or rescheduled. What documents do I need to bring to my dissolution hearing? All must be approved by the pension plan administrator.

What can I do if my spouse will not let me see our child? What can I do if my former spouse will not return my child but I am the residential parent and legal custodian? Can I get a court order to see my grandchildren? What Is Shared Parenting? Permission is only required if a previous decree or order requires the party to obtain permission. However, Ohio law requires that the person having custody of a minor child notify the Court if the person plans to leave Cuyahoga County.

This form is available on this website. The Court will mail a copy of the Notice of Intent to Relocate to your former spouse. Your former spouse may file a motion with the Court to contest the relocation. Even if the relocation is not contested, parties often find it useful to file a motion to modify the parenting time schedule if relocation will make complying with the current schedule impractical.

Divorce Decree vs. Divorce Certificate - What's the Difference?

Both parents are presumed to have equal rights to their children unless a court orders otherwise. If divorce proceedings have already started in this Court you may file a motion requesting a court order. You may take a certified copy of your order awarding you this status to your local police department for help in securing the return of your child. Ohio law allows the Court to grant companionship time to grandparents of children with divorced parents under certain circumstances if it is in the best interest of the children. An appropriate motion must be filed with the Clerk of Courts and served on all parties.

Shared Parenting is an arrangement through which divorcing parties share the responsibilities for the care of the children. Some of the areas that the parents must address are education, medical treatment, and the religion the children will practice.

The Final Divorce Decree

Usually, the parents agree that they will both be involved in making these decisions. In addition, the plan must contain a schedule that states with whom the children will be during the week, on weekends, holidays, vacations, school breaks, and days of special meaning. Domestic Violence Questions What if my spouse or someone from my household hurts me or tries to hurt me?

Who is a household member? What if my spouse or someone from my household doesn't actually hurt anyone, but threatens to hurt me or someone in my household? Who can I call for help? What is a victim advocate? After a divorce, you might be confused about some of the divorce documents.

Each one of the divorce papers serves a different purpose.