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Home Values All properties are valued as of December 31 of each year, except for new construction. New construction is reassessed when a certificate of occupancy is issued. Annual Return to the Bristol, Rhode Island Tax Assessor Each year, the Town of Bristol requires that businesses report the value of their tangible property through a return. The deadline for submission is January 31, , at midnight EST. Tangible Tax Form FY Your attorney should review this document before you return it to the seller.

An offer to purchase should reference basic terms such as price and occupancy and contingent on a final purchase and sales agreement.


Purchase and Sale Agreement. The Purchase and Sale Agreement is the most important document in the transaction.

It is a binding legal contract obligating you to buy the house, and the seller to sell the house, as long as all the terms of the agreement are satisfied. Frequently, a pre-printed form is used for the agreement, and the precise terms are added by completing blanks on the form. However, there is no standard form appropriate for use in all real estate transactions.

In fact, any Purchase and Sale Agreement may contain variations unfavorable to at least one party in the transaction. This is why it is important to carefully review the agreement with your attorney or have him or her prepare the agreement for your specific transaction.

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The contract for the sale of real estate usually includes such items as:. Legal description of the property being purchased;. List of all personal property included in the sale, such as furniture and appliances;. Purchase price and deposit to be paid by the buyer;. When the buyer can move into the house;. Determination of the share of real estate taxes and special assessments such as condominium fees or sewer betterment fees the buyer and seller must pay.

Whether your obligation to purchase is subject to a satisfactory home inspection;.

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Whether your obligation to purchase depends on obtaining a loan at a specific interest rate also known as a mortgage contingency ;. The amount of insurance coverage the seller must maintain on the property until the closing occurs and if the property is damaged by fire prior to closing;.

The amount of damages to be paid if you refuse to purchase or the seller refuses to sell. This list is not intended to be a complete checklist but merely illustrates some of the basic items that should be included in all real estate contracts.

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It is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible for an attorney to protect a client in a real estate transaction when the client has already bargained away his or her protection in a poorly drawn contract. Title Examination. Before settlement, the title to the property should be examined to determine if the seller owns the property and whether anyone else has a claim against the property.

For example, the title examination will disclose if taxes are unpaid or if a utility company has a right to place its poles or lines on your property.

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In Rhode Island, the title examination is performed by your attorney or by a title insurance company by reviewing the public records relating to the ownership of real estate and sometimes other title evidence. The buyer usually pays for the title examination. Title Insurance. Comparables Branded Market Reports. Property records in Rhode Island at your fingertips Search by property address in Rhode Island and unlock key property data Search by property address in Rhode Island and unlock key property data.

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