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Use this great tool as a way to find people to join your MLM.

When someone on the forum asks you what you do, you can point them to your blog. Start an article marketing campaign about working at home and why in this economy it is a good idea to start your own business. You can submit articles on these topics with a link to your blog to drive traffic to your blog. This will make it easier to find people to join your MLM business that will be successful with it. You can place a contact button or email address on your blog for people to contact you to find out more information about your MLM business.

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If you're trying to make money with MLM, there's no question that the people that join these companies when the company is ascending in popularity is the best time to join, it definitely makes it so much easier because: You can ride on the coattails of their rising popularity which is doing the marketing for your similar to a trending product that goes viral like fidget spinners.

First lets take a look at the top list by least to biggest revenue. It basically shows the search volume of the company name since But sometimes you can find companies that are still trending up. But watch out! Steer away from joining MLM companies with trends that display this. A product that actually delivers real value to the marketplace.

This is a great way to find the fastest growing MLM companies to join. Visit Amway site. Plexus Worldwide. Visit Plexus site. Karatbars International. Visit Karatbars site. Visit NeoLife site. Visit Atomy site. Visit Norwex site.

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Visit LegalShield site. Visit Modere site. Visit Valentus site. That's the failure rate, not the success rate. Why such a high failure rate? MLM requires charisma and leadership skills to truly succeed Failure to leverage the internet for lead generation - there are so many eyeballs looking at social media sites that it's almost criminal not to advertise on these sites. Capture the attention of potential buyers any way you can! The brand gets over-saturated when too many recruits sing up in the firm - this is the reason most successful MLM distributors always say time your entry right.

It's best to join an MLM company right when it's taking off because once it blows up, it's tougher to build a team as others have beaten you to the same customers Negative press about the company - there's been some major cases over the years of huge companies getting shut down by the Federal Trade Commission FTC for resembling a pyramid scheme which is illegal, causing all their distributors to lose their income overnight.

Then it hit me. It was super hard to generate leads for a network marketing business! I wasn't stoked with selling their products to family and friends. But that experience taught me a valuable lesson. This training taught me to build my own lead gen sites like these:. If you've had success with MLM, good for you. This is the biz model in a nut-shell. You do the leads do all the talking for you.

No hard-selling required. Here's a recent post by a student in the group: What's great about this biz is that once you have the skill you got something no one can take away from you. And generating leads is a highly demanded skillset. Small businesses aren't going anywhere anytime soon, neither is the internet. A smart business owner is always looking to invest in good marketing.

This is my limo site in Lansing, MI. Growing your team will boil down to your management style. Coaching them and making sure that they take care of their clients are crucial. Also, giving awards and recognition can go a long way towards building your reputation as a good manager, which will only entice more people to join your MLM team.

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One of the best ways to recruit doctors into your MLM is having products that are beneficial to their patients, like healthy food, supplements, or other healthcare product. This will make it easier for them to market, and thus will entice them to join your MLM. Yes it is. It is a company founded in that sells clothing and apparel.

Initially focused only on women, it is now advocating the empowerment of the family and communities. Young Living, is in fact, one of the largest MLM companies in the country, often included in the list of the top performing MLM businesses. The company sells all kinds of essential oils and other related products. Although Primerica is a finance company that sells, among other things, insurance packages, it also uses multi-level marketing in order to sell its services.

Ever since MLM was associated with pyramid scam, most companies tried to claim that they are not using the system. Mary Kay is one such business, but for all intents and purposes, considering that their agents earn a commission not only from sales but from recruitment as well, it is an MLM business. World Financial Group as the name suggests is another company focusing on selling a vast array of financial and insurance services through multi-level marketing.

LipSense is among the rather extensive list of companies that sell beauty and cosmetic products using the multi-level marketing model. Although it sells assorted products, it is best known for its variety of lipsticks. Talk Fushion is one of the newer companies riding on the trend of digital marketing. This is hard to determine as each MLM company has a different compensation plan and determining factors with regard to how much you can receive.

Much in the same vein as brands such as Usana, Plexus sells health supplements, weight-loss products and other related products using the multi-level marketing methodology. Yes, Arbonne is one of the more well-known MLM companies in the country. They sell a vast assortment of products, ranging from skincare and beauty products to protein shakes.

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Liv is another multi-level marketing company focused on providing products that promote a healthy lifestyle. Their products are supposedly beneficial to those who have weight issues and other cardiovascular issues. Yes, it is. However, unlike other companies, their agents do not merely sell their healthcare-related products, but they are also required to be in shape to serve as walking advertisements for their products.

Perfectly Posh is a relatively young MLM company founded in It focuses on selling beauty and skincare products, with an emphasis on a fun, playful, and modern branding to separate itself from the majority of beauty products in the market. Nerium is among the numerous MLM companies that sell beauty and healthcare products.

Nerium, however, is focused more on anti-aging and wellness products, and thus, have older individuals as their target market. Essential oils have become the product of choice for a lot of MLM companies in recent years. This was borne out of the numerous anecdotes peddling the benefits of essential oils to our health. Most of the time, however, these products are not regulated by the FDA.

6 Network Marketing Truths To Remember When They Recruit You to Join an MLM Business

Avon is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, companies in the world that has gotten mainstream recognition unlike other MLM brands. Jordan's work focuses on helping people reach their financial goals so they can spend more time with family and friends and less time worrying about their budget.

If you click on or buy something via a link on this page, we may earn a commission. Updated: October Follow us on: Pinterest. Table of Contents. Flexible Schedule One of the best things about working in MLM is that you get to pick your own schedule. Learn New Skills and Develop Skills You Already Have Finally, network marketing is a great way to learn new skills and develop the skills you already have. High Turnover Rates Lots of network marketers simply quit.

FAQ Multi-level marketing or MLM has gotten a bad rap in recent years, thanks to the discovery of illegal business models such as the pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Your Title Goes Here Your content goes here. What is MLM? What is an MLM company?