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Looking for court forms or information about representing yourself in a court case? I have a case going on with legal aid and I got the person served with the paperwork. The court told me to give that person 20 days to give an answer. This Thursday will be the 20th day and I wanted to know what do I do on the 21st day if the person doesn't give an answer?

My brother was convicted in Maricopa County of a Felony charge. He has filed a Notice of Post Conviction Relief.

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He had public defense at the time. Is there anyone that can help us find out what the status is on his NPC filing? Is it legal to move back in after your boyfriend drives restraining order.

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Who do I report to if I know of someone working while being paid for medical disability? I am interested in becoming a certified fiduciary and would like to know where I can receive training to become one. Thank you. I know grandparents have right but do aunts and uncles have rights as well? I've been handling my divorce on my own. So far I've found all the forms online. If anyone can help with this, I'd be very grateful.

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Can an attorney represent someone without their permission? Only customers who arrive before pm will be served. To apply in person you must bring the following:. Click here to download the application for a certified Arizona death certificate. Skip to main content. The Five Stages Of Grief. Funeral Traditions Of Different Religions. Arizona Death Certificate.

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Cost The fee to search for a death certificate varies by county. In Yuma there was no waiting period between the time of issuing a license and the performance of the marriage. Gretna Greens. When an Arizona couple's marriage is not in their home county, search for it in alternate places, such as Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada , or Yuma, Yuma, Arizona. To see a coverage map of FamilySearch's holdings of Arizona marriages, click here. The earliest divorce records were granted by the territorial legislature and are found in the published territorial statutes. Later divorce proceedings were kept by the district court of each county until , when the superior court was given this jurisdiction.

Also check VitalRecords. Other sources have historical informatio To locate birth, marriage, or death information on Native Americans living in Arizona you must know which tribe the individual belonged to. Indians of Arizona The following is a list of online resources useful for locating Arizona vital records.

Man accused in Navajo officer's death appears in court

Check Arizona Vital Records Online Most online resources for Arizona Vital Records are indexes. After locating a person in an index always consult the original record to [[Contradictions and discrepancies confirm the informatio Check substitute records to either verify information already found or to locate birth, marriage, death and other information when government records do not exist.

Statewide archives, libraries, historical and genealogical societies of Arizona have collections that can be of great value in Arizona research. Individual counties usually have historical and genealogical societies as well.

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