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In most cases the trial court will likely reissue an award for the same amount, but with additional reasoning, and the only harm is the delay and expense of an appeal.

A preliminary step, of course, is to ensure that the legal grounds and factual support for an award are provided to the trial court in the first place. The fees expended on a matter may continue going up as the case progresses, so no one wants to submit a detailed fee request too early.

Moreover, demonstrating the amount and reasonableness of fees requires disclosing information that, while not privileged, is sometimes sensitive. A party may want to withhold doing so until after the trial court has determined that there is justification for an award. After the trial court has issued an unsupported award, one way of correcting it is for the trial court to issue a supplemental order.

Ashment-McCarthy , Ga. The successful party may want to take the chance that the opponent will decide not to appeal.

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Sep 10 Reply Retweet Favorite. Follow me on Twitter: AndyClarkLaw. If you have received a verdict or judgment in court which you think is incorrect or unfair, you may be entitled to a family law appeal in Georgia.

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Since , clients throughout our area have counted on us to defend their rights and interests, while helping ensure justice is served. Under the Official Code of Georgia, the ruling in a family law case can be reviewed in a number of ways, including by appeal.

To appeal a judge or jury verdict or an existing Georgia Court of Appeals order, you may need to show one of the following:. In family law cases, you may have the right to appeal decisions regarding the division of marital property and assets in a divorce, a ruling for alimony, decisions in child custody and support proceedings, and orders terminating parental rights.

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Due to procedural deadlines with the Georgia Court of Appeals, time is usually of the essence in these matters.