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The Social Security Administration generally does not encourage or allow citizens to change their Social Security numbers, except under certain circumstances.

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You can change your SSN if you can prove that using your existing number will cause you harm, such as in cases of abuse or harassment. But like every other rule, there may be mitigating circumstances in your life that require a change in the number. The SSA may issue a new SSN if you are able to prove that using your existing number will cause you harm, such as in cases of abuse or harassment. The agency also reissues Social Security numbers when someone is a victim of identity theft. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that even if you get a brand new SSN, it doesn't mean you get a fresh start.

Financial corporations and other credit granting companies may also keep these records, so your credit file may still remain the same. A brand new SSN doesn't mean a fresh start, as the administration and other government agencies keep records under your previous number.

Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

Sometimes it becomes necessary for a person escaping a violent relationship or other life-threatening situation to shed their previous identity for protection. Domestic violence and stalking victims, or those who are under threat of physical harm, often must choose between the stress of starting over and the fear of staying put.

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes worldwide. In addition to combing the internet for unguarded information, thieves can obtain your SSN and other personal details by going through your trash, stealing your wallet, or contacting you by phone or email posing as an employer, bank employee, or insurance agent.

These people often sell your information on the dark web or black market. Once your identity is stolen, it may not be possible to truly get it back. If someone manages to steal your SSN, they can easily use it to obtain other information about you, such as your name, birthday, and credit information. In some cases, the damage is irreparable. The SSA may approve a change if similar numbers within a family unit cause confusion or if two identical numbers have been issued in error. If you have a religious objection to a certain number or sequence of numbers within your current SSN, you may also qualify for a change.

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The SSA does not provide replacement numbers for those who want to avoid the consequences of bankruptcy or are evading the law. In addition, you will not be issued a new number if you lose your Social Security card, and there is no evidence your number is being used by someone else.

After providing a statement explaining why you need a new number, you must provide credible, third-party documentation of your reason, including medical, legal, or police documents regarding identity theft , abuse, or harassment. In addition, you must provide documentation of your U. If you have custody of any children or changed your name in the past, supporting documentation must also be provided.

Specific guidelines apply regarding acceptable sources and types of documentation. Social Security.

- The Washington Post

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