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We're offering the most cost-effective API - validate phone numbers per month for free. Need more? Our format validation system is powered by regularly updated international phone numbering plans.

Once signed up, you will be able to try out the API's features as you go through their Documentation. Our technical support team is great at giving you exactly the information that you need, when you need it. Track your API usage on a daily or monthly basis, and receive automatic notifications if you are running low.

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Validate international phone numbers for countries using their unique international dial codes. Validate national local phone numbers by providing an additional 2-digit country code parameter. Retrieve valuable geographical identifiers, including country and location, with each API request. Legitimize customers by retrieving details about the carrier their phone number is registered with.

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Enter Phone Number. Easy on your Budget We're offering the most cost-effective API - validate phone numbers per month for free. Numbering Plans Our format validation system is powered by regularly updated international phone numbering plans. It only takes 5 minutes. After that, wait for Spyic to sync up with the target device. Step 4: Login to the Spyic dashboard from any phone or PC browser.

Look for the "Location" option in the selection menu on the left.

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That's it - you're now tracking the cell phone's location! The location's window is a font of useful information. You'll be able to see all the following:. Last-seen location: The target's last seen location will be pinned on an interactive map and also listed below. Past locations: You'll see a summary of last-visited locations in reverse chronological order.

Coordinates: Every tracked location will be accompanied by its exact geographical coordinates. Since Spyic was designed to be a parental monitoring app, it can be hidden, if necessary.

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You can even set up a virtual geofence to know when the cell phone leaves or enters an area. Apart from location tracking, it offers other useful features like messages, social media, pictures, video, and call tracking. What if you don't have physical access to the cell phone in question?

What if you're called from an anonymous number? Can you still track the phone's location? At times like these, you can use a reverse phone lookup service like WhitePages. What is a reverse phone lookup service? It essentially takes an input phone number and matches it publically-available with identity and address records. If available, information about the phone number's owner is retrieved for you. A service like WhitePages should be able to retrieve at least some relevant information about the phone's owner.

All you need to do is input the cell phone number in the provided blank form field.

Note that the location information shared is limited. You don't get an exact address or geographical coordinates. You'll only know the general area the phone originated from.

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This is not a real-time location tracking solution. Finally, you can safeguard your device against being stolen or lost by using an app like GPS Phone Tracker. The app, once installed, shows you exactly where a cell phone is at all times.

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If a cell phone gets lost, you will be able to see where it fell from your pocket or was left behind from a linked device. If it was stolen, you can share the location information with law enforcement and request them to retrieve your device for you. Movement tracking: You get a notification when a loved one moves from a current destination. You can also tell how much distance someone still has to cover to reach a destination.