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Council in late December and takes effect next school year. You can learn if a teacher's license was revoked and why. It's tougher to do in D. The law requires job applicants provide 20 years of employment history information when applying for jobs at D. It also requires D.

The database includes the names of approximately 80, teachers from whom licenses have been revoked for misconduct, according to a News4 I-Team review. And why? A News4 I-Team report in revealed the D.

Attorney General investigated staff at a D. The Gainesville school system told the I-Team it received a positive job reference about Coleman when it inquired with the D. The AG told the I-Team it eventually declined to file any criminal charges against employees at the D. Bill supporters said the I-Team report revealed a weakness in D. Additionally, an employer cannot require any person to pay for, and provide, their own criminal or arrest records. Employers are prohibited from obtaining a credit report on a potential candidate unless:.

The FCRA was created to ensure privacy, accuracy, and fairness of consumer information.

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The FCRA accomplishes this by having a set standard for collecting, disseminating, and using consumer information. Employers obtaining consumer reports for background screening purposes must follow specific procedures. For example, employers must disclose to the candidate what the background screening is, what information it includes, and how they intend to use it.

They must obtain the written consent of the candidate before obtaining a background screening. They may not misuse the information contained in the background screening.

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There are also strict procedures an employer must follow should they decide not to hire a potential candidate based on the information in the background screening. This material is time sensitive. Contact us for updates. This information is subject to frequent change through legislative and court action. All materials in this page and accompanying information are for general educational purposes and not intended to provide legal, scientific or medical advice.

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Consult with an appropriate professional to address specific issues. You have a right to dispute the completeness or accuracy of any information contained in any file on you maintained by a consumer credit service organization as allowed by applicable District or federal law and a right to file a dispute directly with the consumer credit reporting agency in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

District of Columbia law gives you the right to place a "security freeze" on your credit report. A security freeze restricts when a credit reporting agency may release information in your credit report without your express authorization or approval.

New D.C. Law Restricts Employer Use of Credit Histories in Employment Decisions

A security freeze is designed to help prevent credit, loans, and services from being approved in your name without your consent. To obtain a security freeze, you should contact each credit reporting agency. When you place a security freeze on your credit report, the credit reporting agency will send you a personal identification number or password to use if you later choose to lift the freeze from your credit report, or to authorize the release of your credit report to a specific party or parties, or for a specific period of time after the freeze is in place.

To provide that authorization, you must contact the credit reporting agency and provide all of the following:. Upon receiving your proper request to lift temporarily a freeze from your credit report, the credit reporting agency shall comply within 3 business days. Beginning September 1, , the credit reporting agency is required to provide methods, including web-based and telephonic methods, for you to request that the freeze be temporarily lifted within 15 minutes.

A security freeze does not apply when you have an existing account relationship and a copy of your report is requested by your existing creditor or its agents or affiliates for certain types of account review, collection, fraud control or similar activities. If you are actively seeking credit, the procedures involved in lifting a security freeze may slow your own applications for credit.