Canandaigua to sex offenders pack up move out

They have no idea how far we have come from the 80's and the '90's and they don't WANT to know. Oh yes. So much religiosity but no love or understanding, eh? Anyway, thanks for reminding us of the old joke about why Baptists oppose sex. Because it leads to dancing! Thank you very little Time Warner and all the other media moguls that promote and profit handsomely off this crap that is fed to our kids. Goota love our school system as well Back in my day, the Nuns would never of allowed this type of behavior. It's not as blatantly noticeable as a girl bent over being pumped from behind by a guy.

It's the blatant "visual" in this kind of dancing that is so offensive.

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C'mon kids, dancing like that in public is just too over the top to mean anything more than you are a pig. It doesn't signify that yer cool because you know about sex, it says you are a pig. Oink, oink. If you have got to dance front to her back don't have the girl bend over. It's called doggie style for a reason. You look like dogs doing it. In private do what you want, in public, get out of here. The only thing I felt in my pants was wet crusted tomato sauce.

Another problem, the parent's don't take their children to church anymore and that's a cardinal sin of its own. Once again, parent's, wake the f-up!!!!!! What jack-booted thugs! The kids' own parents are buying them this crap at the stores and enabling them to send vulgar and arousing text messages on their cell phones in the name of "safety and security". If you have kids, you have to pay attention to what they are up to if you want to be a parent.

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Whenever I was up to no good my parents always seemed to find out. Are todays parents totally clueless zombies?

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School policy required that only school employees could supervise dances. Just another example of educators thinking they could do a better job than parents. Without parents there the kids feel that their behavior is anonymous. Before the policy changed and I was a chaperon the kids all knew me and knew that if I saw something going on chances are their parents would find out. The schools share the blame because they have forced parents out of the system.

Whatever has happened to polite society -- and respect for one another. That was nice while it lasted.

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Guess we are going to the netherworld in a basket--and very quickly. Gee, so much for health care reform. I did it, but it was a K-car by Plymouth. Just a bunch of spoiled little bastards. Because of this there will be no further dances at schools. In those days kids had fun at dances. Now it's like the rut. Seems like at almost all social events involving dance bands, including elegant weddings, the music is some form of mau-mau at ear splitting volume. The people just undulate like they need to be de-wormed. If you ask the band to play some swing or a waltz, you usually get a blank stare.

If you think this is messed up wait till their parents hire civil liberty attorneys and sue to protect their kids constitutional rights.

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  6. What's scarier to a cop than a crook with a gun? A court room full of ACLU attorneys and spineless judges that were appointed by clueless liberal politicians. They have great families, successful children, and most are quite prosperous.

    Waterloo, NY

    They are democrats and republicans; we argue, we debate, but we never hate, or even resent each other. In this light, I have been thinking about the Koran burning. The middle East was the cradle of civilization, generations ahead of the rest of the world. Now the Shiites hate the Sunnis, the Kurd hate both and the feelings are mutual. The Christian world has progressed, the mid East has digressed, de-evolved.

    It is not IQ, it is not lack of opportunity, it is religious hate, distrust, disagreement. Not like Baptists and Catholic disagreement, Mormon and Jewish disagreement; these religions don't understand each other, they may even think the others are doomed to hell, but they don't hate each other, they don't riot and kill others as many who practice Islam do for rejecting their beliefs.

    It seems MANY of the people who read the Koran, interpret it in various ways and then try to live their lives by it's instructions become enemies of anyone who interprets the Koran differently and they especially hate all Christians and Jews. Many of these Muslim countries have digressed as the Christian world progresses, perhaps it is these folks who should consider burning the Koran. PS Lets stone those kids for dancing like that!

    I fully support their actions!! I only hope all schools follow this example. It's not even 9 a. Well, so much for your religion of "love and peace". NY These kids never learned the pecking order of growing up. They've been treated since infancy that they are in charge. That was appropriate as a baby -- you bellow you get fed, held and cleaned up -- but they never grew out of that.

    Whatever they so, goes. They have elevated themselves to a status they have not earned yet -- being in charge of their lives. They are still at the baby stage of "I want, I think, I feel, I get. Welcome to the fabric of America. The school administration is from another era or rather, are trying to run the building from a moral fiber that doesn't exist any longer in this country.

    What is this, Footloose? Dirty Dancing?

    Don't put Baby in a corner, Bob. Everything from obesity to huge cell phone bills to this nonsense you write about here, is a product of the inability of parental society over the last years to just say one simple friggin word.

    Everyone listen up!

    That word is NO. Come on parents who have no spine say it out loud as you read. It gets easier every time you say it out loud I'll bet that feels much better than hearing "Dad and Mom I have something I need to tell you".